Mechanical Engineering : All Concept About The Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering conceptMechanical engineering concept

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with design,construction,production and use of involves the production and operation of machine and tools.

This  fields requires understanding of core concept like kinematics,thermodynamics,material science.mechanical engineering deals with anything moves including human body.

mechanical engineering is most diverse of any engineering discipline. in industries wide requirement of this field and its applications is too wide in all of department. Today requirement of it in all over field such as mechatronics,aerospace engineering. its require also in chemical engineering,civil engineering,manufacturing engineering ,industrial engineering etc.

in any sector mechanical engineering play a center role such as automobile sector(every subsystem is totally mechanically like gear,break,chassis etc.),aerospace engineering of all component like engine ,control system. power plant engineering of energy conversion(gas turbine,solar energy).in manufacturing engineering (machines tools,machining,grinding,boring,drilling etc.)

mechanical engineering subjects include  cartilage-tissue engineering, energy conversion, laser-assisted materials processing, combustion,  micro fluidic devices, fracture mechanics, nano mechanics, mechanisms, micro power generation, tribology (friction and wear), and vibrations. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) currently lists 36 technical divisions, from advanced energy systems and aerospace engineering to solid-waste engineering and textile engineering

Mechanical Engineering : All concept about of mechanical engineering

All concept about of mechanical engineering


Advantage of Mechanical Engineering:-

this is help of all over to the  other engineering sector also. Mechanical field student design power-producing machines,gas & steam turbine,also the power using machines or tools like air-conditioning,refrigerator etc.

Mechanical of large firm:-

  • chemical
  • bio-technology
  • construction
  • energy
  • automotive
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics

Chemical :-Any chemical plant of all equipment work is mechanically done.various of equipment  exist in plant such as pump,compressor,valves,heat exchanges,vessels,column and they all are mechanical equipment.

construction:-In that equipment erections and installation in  any plant and all piping works also comes in construction and this is part of mechanical engineering.

Energy:-power plant of  generating the power with the help of turbines like gas turbines also of steam turbine and this is pure mechanical work.

Aerospace:-in this sector mechanical helps through design,all designing work finish with auto-cad and other mechanical design software.


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